Chinese Investiments in Brazil

The Survey of Chinese investments in Brazil is the first of a series of the Council’s Research Program, whose main objective is to raise important issues in Brazil-China relations and to foster the business climate between the two countries. This study, which was conducted under the leadership of Professor Emeritus of UFJR and former president of BNDES, the late Antonio Barros de Castro, provides an overview of Chinese investment in Brazil in 2010 and 2011.

Bulletin of Chinese Investments in Brazil: 2012-2013 - April / 2014

The report aims to provide the business community, government agencies and analysts an overview on Chinese investments in Brazil, in the years 2012 and 2013. Publication was held from lifting CEBC, based on news published in press in this period.

Chinese Investments in Brazil from 2007-2012 - a review of recent trends - June / 2013

This book builds and expands upon CBBC´s previous work by providing a review of Chinese investments in Brazil for the period between January 2007 - June 2012. Such detailed analysis is especially relevant given that China is now one of Brazil’s most important economic partners. Furthermore, currently available official data do not accurately capture the full extent or influence of Chinese FDI on Brazil’s domestic economy. Therefore, ongoing microlevel data analysis tracking China’s growing investment presence in Brazil would be an important tool that can inform and shape Brazil’s long-term economic agenda.

Chinese investments in Brazil - May / 2011

This study maps out Chinese investment in Brazil during 2010 and 2011. It takes a deeper look into investments in the automotive sector and presents a first-of-its-kind case study on investment by Chery in Brazil, the largest assembly company in the automotive sector.

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