Brazilian Investiments in China

Presence and Experience: a survey of Brazilian firms in China is the second survey in a series of studies by the Council on important issues in the economic relationship between Brazil and China. This study, which was conducted by the Council staff and by CBBC economist and consultant, Claudio Frischtak, is the broadest and most detailed study ever undertaken on this subject. The survey identified and analyzed the activities of 57 Brazilian firms that have a presence in China. The top executives of 12 of the largest of those companies were interviewed by the CBBC about the challenges and solutions found for investing in China.

Brazilian Companies in China: Presence and Experience - June / 2012

In this content we present the characteristics of Brazilian companies that have a presence in China, including the number of companies identified, the type of operations of each company, its sector, and its specific business activity in China. (Soon the english version will be available)


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