Basket of Imports

Basket of Brazilian Imports from China (2012)

(US$ Millions) QUANT. (10 mil)
Machinary and Electrical Appliances and Parts9.808,4656,4
• Broadcast receivers2.441,9133,9
• Electrical apparatus for telephones2.008,523,7
• Circuit breakers, switches, holders, lamps and other devices for electrical circuits1.262,279,6
• Converters, transformers, batteries and generators1.235,4149,4
• Integrated circuits849,11,4
• Stereos546,048,8
• Furnaces and electric heaters471,2100,1
• Electrical capacitors and resistors186,06,7
• Appliances169,325,9
• Other electrical equipment505,462,0
Machinery and mechanical appliances and parts7.925,7864,4
• Data processing machines2.697,659,0
• Construction Machinery and equipment938,7225,7
• Pumps, valves and household appliances (refrigerators, stoves and washing machines)881,7166,7
• Metallurgical machinery422,165,7
• Textile industry machinery227,133,2
• Agricultural Machinary43,18,2
• Other machinery249,643,1
Textiles and clothing3.322,6513,3
Inorganic and organic chemicals3.026,31.892,7
Semi-finished products of iron and steel2.106,11.477,5
Plastics and rubbers1.453,7457,4
Parts and components for vehicles and tractors1.232,2274,2
• Automobile components329,788,1
• Locomotives and wagons307,023,6
• Trucks94,216,8
• Motorcycles93,021,7
• Cars49,88,7
• Chassis and bodies28,86,0
• Tractors20,14,4
Optical instruments and appliances, photography, etc.741,026,1
Leathers and Skins431,397,8
Coke coal161,7334,6
Source: Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade (MDIC)

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